Got a traffic ticket? Wise Traffic School can help!

As a WISE graduate:

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(1) On-Line Reading Course
Our original text-based course

Feel free to stop and start the course as often as you like.  Our system will save your time!

(2) On-Line Video Course
Our full in-person class in the comfort of your own home

Sit back, relax, watch and listen to the ONLY state-approved streaming internet video course!  Complete the course in one sitting...or in as many as you wish!

Click here to sample our new video course!

Compare Our Pricing as of 9/05/2016 Advertised Fee Extra Fees Same Day Certificate Total
$24.95 None Included
Lowest Price Traffic School $7.89 $19.95 $9.95 $37.79
Florida Safety Council $29.95 None Included $29.95
I Drive Safely $29.95 None $10.95 $40.90
American Safety Institute $18.95 None $9.95 $28.90